The Wild Geese® community

Wherever you are in the world, if you are of Irish descent you are part of this story and entitled to call yourself 'Wild Geese'™

Which means you are family.

The Wild Geese® is happy and proud to help and support in any way we can.

28 April 2015

8 December 2014

  • The Wild Geese supports The Ireland Fund

    December 6th 2014: Chairman of The American Ireland Fund, John Fitzpatrick, presenting a bottle of The Wild Geese Irish Whiskey Limited Edition to businessman and former Irish international soccer star, Niall Quinn. The presentation took place at the Ireland Fund … Continue reading

30 September 2013

  • Wild Geese Support Irish Businesses

    When The Wild Geese left Ireland in 1691, they believed they were securing the freedom of the country. They held their heads high as they boarded ships at Limerick having chosen exile for the good of their people. Inspired by … Continue reading

24 September 2013

  • Wild Geese Stories: Governor Brian Schweitzer

      As sponsors of the Tip O’Neill Award, we presented this year’s recipient, Governor Brian Schweitzer, with a bottle of The Wild Geese Single Malt. (L-R, Wild Geese Company Chairman Mr Andre Levy, Nancy Schweitzer, Governor Brian Schweitzer, Cllr Ian … Continue reading

19 September 2013

29 August 2013

22 August 2013

  • Taoiseach Shares Irish Identity with Wild Geese

      Taoiseach (the Irish Prime Minister) Enda Kenny created The Gathering to invite the worldwide Irish diaspora back to Ireland throughout 2013. Returning home to Castlebar, the Taoiseach joined The Wild Geese Collection in support of Co. mayo’s flagship Gathering … Continue reading

19 August 2013

16 August 2013