Winning Cocktails From The First The Wild Geese UK Cocktail Competition

Our search for the Ultimate Cafe Creme brought together some of London’s top bartenders, who each shared some exciting ideas about the Cafe Creme cocktail.

Our wonderful judges – Neil Davey representing Square Mile magazine, Louise from and Martin Bell who has been working with the brand during its UK launch – were all treated to variations of the classic cocktail, each with a very prominent Wild Geese twist! The judges took into account taste, presentation and replicability.

WINNING COCKTAIL: Tim from Hawksmoor

 35ml The Wild Geese Classic Blend
15ml Clove Chocolate bitter syrup
Double shot Climpsons Irish Coffee
Cream shaken with 2 dashes angostura bitter
1 dash Maraschino

Add The Wild Geese Classic Blend, clove syrup, coffee and a dash of hot water (20ml), all poured into a milk pitcher and gently heated with the steam wand from the coffee machine, until the pitcher has become too hot to hold.

The pour the contents into a warm glass. Top with cream shaken with 2 dashes Angostura bitter and 1 dash Maraschino.

Tim: ‘I’m delighted. I wanted to look after the strong ingredients in the drink. The Wild Geese is a great drink on its own’

SECOND PLACE: Kasia from The Royal Exchange

Kasia gave a ver theatrical presentation, paring undeniable with skill with an impressive knowledge.

– Flambé  1 teaspoon brown sugar and 25ml The Wild Geese Classic Blend to make a whiskey syrup. Wet rim of glass with this whiskey syrup.

Then mix:
75ml The Wild Geese Classic Blend
Double espresso
Half teaspoon brown sugar
Double cream, shaken gently

Garnish with 3 coffee beans.

Kasia: ‘Thank you for a really great event and an opportunity to perform’

THIRD PLACE: Pawel from Coq d’Argent 

Pawel delivered an original recipe with great balance and an exceptional performance.

American coffee infused with vanilla pods, cassia bark, cloves and chocolate bitters.
50ml The Wild Geese Classic Blend
20ml Orange flavour cream

Garnish with caramelised hazel nuts.

Pawel: ‘Really great whiskey, with wonderful citrus and spice’