St Patrick’s Day Cocktail: The Saint

Enjoy this cocktail wherever you are this St Patrick’s Day. It’s easy to make at home and perfect to celebrate with friends!


50ml The Wild Geese Classic Blend Irish Whiskey
12.5MLS vanille De Madagascar or vanilla liqueur
75mls Apple Juice
10mls Cinnamon Syrup

Shake ingredients and strain into a tall glass full of ice, garnish with an apple fan.



The Wild Geese Start It Up At Bill Wyman – Reworked

Bill Wyman is a man of many talents. He played bass guitar for the seminal rock n’ roll band The Rolling Stones from 1962 – 1993; he’s written seven books; is an amateur archaeologist and designed a patented metal detector.

Recently another of his talents has been brought to the forefront in London: photography. Wyman’s love of art led him towards a proficiency for photography and his photographs have documented a life well lived. Many have hung in galleries al over the world, which offer an intimate look at his friends, passions and adventures.

A new exhibition in London sees a selection of artists come together and re-imagine some of his most interesting photographs. Bill Wyman – Reworked opened on the 26th February to a bustling crowd of 500 guest. We were there to provide a selection of cocktails for the guests to enjoy while viewing the artwork. The Untamed nature of The Wild Geese blended perfectly with the stunning art on display.

Photos by Amy @ 

Bill Wyman – Reworked is running at the Rook & Raven Gallery 27th February – 30th March 2013.

Travel Retail’s Wild Geese: Colm McLoughlin

Here’s our latest column from The Moodie Report where Dubai Duty Free Executive Chairman Colm McLoughlin answers our questions. Thank you for taking part!

The Moodie Report Issue 70 - The Wild Geese Irish Whiskey 28 February 2013


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Remember The Wild Geese This St Patrick’s Day


The St Patrick’s Day celebrations have always been important to Wild geese found throughout the world.

Traditionally, it was a special feast in Ireland, a day for prayer and remembrance. But over time, as many Wild Geese travelled to all corners of the world, St Patrick’s Day became a time for those abroad to connect with their countrymen and remember Ireland: a celebration of the bonds of solidarity.

Solidarity bound The Wild Geese together in 1691. United under their beautiful dream of freedom for everyone, they chose to leave Ireland, thinking they had secured liberty for their country. As they boarded ships bound for France they took the name The Wild Geese in the hope and belief that this would be a temporary strategic exile.

Today St Patrick’s Day incorporates everyone. Its a day that the world can stand together and celebrate the important bonds of the courageous. On this day everyone is a little bit Irish.

So this St Patrick’s Day we’re celebrating those bonds of solidarity and have loads of exciting events coming up in the UK. Join us on Facebook to keep up to date with our events.

Your St Patrick’s Day celebrations start here. Join us in remembering The Wild Geese.

Wherever you are in the world, if you are of Irish descent you are part of this story and entitled to call yourself Wild Geese. 

Travel Retail’s Wild Geese

Our second column in The Moodie Report is out! Another one of today’s Wild Geese has let us into his world.

John Moriarty is Vice President of Operations at Runway Duty Free in Russia and gave us some fantastic answers. Thank you for contributing John!


The Moodie Report Issue 69 - The Wild Geese Irish Whiskey 21 February 2013


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Travel Retail’s Wild Geese: Steve O’Connor

Throughout 2013 we’ll be running a special column in The Moodie Report profiling some of today’s Wild geese working in travel retail, to find out what keeps them ticking.

Our first column is out today which features Steve O’Connor at Delhi Duty Free. We feel like we’ve really gotten to now Steve – thanks for taking part!

The Moodie Report Issue 68 -  The Wild Geese Irish Whiskey 14 February 2013


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The Wild Geese Gather To Show Solidarity

Like many people, we have been touched by the solidarity displayed in the face of Hurricane Sandy. The event devastated one of the world’s most famous cities, but the sense of community spirit has highlighted the best in people.

To further show our support, we provided our whiskey at a special evening hosted by Michael Collins, the Irish Ambassador to the US on the 11th December. The event was held at the Embassy of Ireland in Washington D. C. and was ‘an expression of solidarity with victims of Hurricane Sandy’, mobilising prominent members of the Irish community to work together in relief efforts. It was a good chance for congressional members and members of the American Ireland Fund to raise awareness for these efforts. We’re very proud to have been a part of this.

The night also saw two prize draws, where the winners were presented with The Wild Geese Irish Whiskey Collection. Congratulations go to Mr Joe Monahan and Mr Michael Brennan. Guests were also treated to servings of our whiskey.

A representative at the Embassy thanked The Wild Geese for our support and all contributions went towards helping the victims of the Hurricane.

‘Sincere thanks once again for your kind support towards the event, where two mixed cases of The Wild Geese Irish Whiskey were awarded to our two prize draw winners. All were greatly appreciated and enjoyed and Ambassador Collins also expressed thanks to The Wild Geese Irish Whiskey Collection during his address at the event’


*In North America The Wild Geese Irish Whiskey Collection is sold as ‘The Wild Geese Soldiers & Heroes Irish Whiskey’

Merry Christmas from The Wild Geese!

Thank you all for joining us in 2012! We’ve had a great year and to help us share our Christmas wishes we’ve made a brand new seasonal video for you.

Have a fantastic Christmas!

Christmas Cocktails: Hush

Our second Christmas cocktail – Hush – is perfect for warming these winter nights. Whether you’re wrapping presents or getting in the spirit of things with Christmas movies, this will help keep Jack Frost at bay.

Santa will also certainly be pleased if you leave this out for him on Christmas Eve!

Christmas Cocktails: The Gathering

The party season is upon us!

This is a time for us all to get together with friends and family and celebrate Christmas! The Gathering – one of our special seasonal cocktails – is perfect to share with loved ones. We’re looking forward to raising a glass with you this holiday season!