The Wild Geese Start It Up At Bill Wyman – Reworked

Bill Wyman is a man of many talents. He played bass guitar for the seminal rock n’ roll band The Rolling Stones from 1962 – 1993; he’s written seven books; is an amateur archaeologist and designed a patented metal detector.

Recently another of his talents has been brought to the forefront in London: photography. Wyman’s love of art led him towards a proficiency for photography and his photographs have documented a life well lived. Many have hung in galleries al over the world, which offer an intimate look at his friends, passions and adventures.

A new exhibition in London sees a selection of artists come together and re-imagine some of his most interesting photographs. Bill Wyman – Reworked opened on the 26th February to a bustling crowd of 500 guest. We were there to provide a selection of cocktails for the guests to enjoy while viewing the artwork. The Untamed nature of The Wild Geese blended perfectly with the stunning art on display.

Photos by Amy @ 

Bill Wyman – Reworked is running at the Rook & Raven Gallery 27th February – 30th March 2013.