New Cocktail: Sarsfield Swizzle

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Enjoy the ‘Sarsfield Swizzle’ with family and friends this Christmas. It’s a twist on a classic swizzle cocktail!

2 parts The Wild Geese Classic Blend
1 part gin botanical syrup or 1/2 part gin, 1/2 sugar syrup
Dash of green tea bitter
Top up with homemade lemongrass & chilli beer
Lemon balm leaves
Pine wood and sweet spice (cinnamon & clove) for garnish

Pour a full measure of The Wild Geese Classic Blend directly into the serving glass. Add gin syrup as a sweetener and a dash of green tea bitter. Add lemon balm leaves to compliment the citrus notes in the Classic Blend. Top up with lemongrass & chilli beer and ‘swizzle’ the ingredients to mix them. Serve with pine wood and sweet spice.