The Wild Geese® Collection descends upon Singapore

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High-flying Premium Irish Spirit range touches down for TFWA following a string of international successes

The Wild Geese® Collection of premium spirits has taken flight and this week lands with a splash in Singapore for the TFWA (Tax Free World Association) Asia Pacific Exhibition & Conference in Singapore (May 10-14).

The Wild Geese® Collection, which has exhibited at TFWA for each of the last 14 years, arrives at this year’s conference hot on the heels of its most successful period of global recognition. In recent months alone, the Collection has amassed a number of prestigious accolades and medals for its spirits, including its rum, vodka and honey liqueur.

Already this year, The Wild Geese® Collection has been awarded “World’s Best Gold Rum’ at the World Rum Awards 2015; Gold medal (Wild Geese® Golden Rum) at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2015; silver medals (2) for its Untamed® Irish Vodka at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2015 and the International Spirits Challenge 2015 respectively; silver medals (2) for its Exiles® Irish Gin (Note: the only gin in the world with shamrock) at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2015 and International Spirits Challenge 2015 respectively; and bronze medals (2) for its Wild Geese® Irish Honey Liqueur at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2015 and International Spirits Challenge 2015 respectively.

These awards complement The Wild Geese® Irish Whiskey’s status as a three-time voted ‘Best Irish Whiskey’ product, and a recipient of Gold medals from WSWA 2013, Rum Renaissance 2013 and Beverage Testing institute 2013; Silver medals from WSWA Tasting 2013, IWSC 2013 and a Bronze medal from the International Spirits Challenge 2013. Furthermore, The Beverage Tasting Institute has provided two ratings of ‘Exceptional’ plus one of ‘Best Value for Money’ for The Wild Geese® Rum Collection.

Speaking on the eve of TFWA, André Levy, Chairman of Protégé International (exclusive global distributor of The Wild Geese® Collection), said: “The Wild Geese® Collection is unique, being the only premium and super-premium collection of Irish spirits in the market – as such, it fits the profile of Singapore and the wider region. Premium spirits is a growing category internationally and, as such, our participation in TFWA is particularly timely. We are brimming with confidence at the moment and look forward to a successful TFWA.”

The Wild Geese sponsored “London Irish Wild Geese Race Night”

On Saturday 18th April, The London Irish Wild Geese played their last league game of the season, followed by the London Irish ARFC annual race night.

It was in 1898 that a group of Irishmen came together to form their own club, the London Irish Rugby Football Club. The founding fathers were an exceptional group of powerful personalities embracing politicians, lawyers and businessmen united by a sense of Irishness and a passion for rugby. From the beginning London Irish was to provide a welcoming “home” and hospitable meeting place for all Irish people, regardless of creed or politics.

The creation of London Irish Amateur was first discussed in 1995 when rugby union became professional and London Irish set aside resources for the creation of an amateur team. The club was founded in September 1999 after London Irish left The Avenue to play at the Madjeski Stadium in Reading. It was formed to be the feeder club for senior and junior amateur players to then go on to play for London Irish, who play in the English Premiership. London Irish and London Irish Amateur jointly share the new Hazelwood Rugby complex. Since 2012, links between London Irish and London Irish Amateur were upgraded with the two becoming part of a joint venture where London Irish Amateur players play for London Irish in the A League, In return, members of London Irish’s Academy are entitled to play for London Irish Amateur. The first team’s official name was changed to London Irish Wild Geese after the Rugby Football Union’s governance committee gave consent for the change of name.

The Wild Geese Collection Featured in the Express.

St. Patrick’s Day Cocktails: Irish whiskey drinks to tickle the tastebuds. Click here to read more…

Ditch the Guinness and concoct a delicious whisky cocktail for St Paddy’s day Lá Fhéile Pádraig  
Ingredients50ml Wild Geese single malt

25ml Fernet branca menta

5ml Lavender syrup

Lavender bitters

Lavender sprigs


1. In a steel cup, add all the ingredients together and mix well with ice.

2. Double strain into a stemmed glass and garnish with lavender sprigs.

The seductive Rose Rusty Nail cocktail Rose Rusty Nail
Ingredients 25ml The Wild Geese Classic Blend

25ml Drambuie

10ml Rose syrup

A fresh rose


1. Build in a rocks glass filled with ice. Garnish with a fresh rose petal.


The sweet yet punchy Life’s Nectar cocktail Life’s Nectar 
Ingredients50ml The Wild Geese Irish Honey Liqueur

25ml Lemon juice

10ml Caramel syrup



1. Add all the ingredients to a cocktail mixer with ice and shake well.

2. Double strain in a stemmed glass and garnish with a honeycomb.

Mixologist, Stav B, created each of the bespoke drinks

The Wild Geese® Classic Blend featured in ‘’

The Wild Geese® Classic Blend featured in ‘’ see post here

New to the UK, this Irish whiskey is perfect for hot toddy season.

Whiskey wouldn’t be whiskey if it didn’t come with a great story. Distilleries are often steeped in the history of their area and can trace their lineage of eccentric owners and escapades back through the years. The Wild Geese Irish whiskeys have taken their name from a true story. As people left Ireland, preferring not to live under English rule following the Battle of the Boyne and the Treaty of Limerick, they took the name, ‘The Wild Geese’, as they migrated. This range of whiskeys has opened up the name, The Wild Geese, for anyone with a little Irish in them, wherever they may now find themselves!

Produced using a blend of malt and grain whiskies, aged in barrels previously used for maturing bourbon, the Wild Geese Classic Blend is pale gold, fresh and sweet on the nose, with a pleasant warmth and notes of grain. It would be an ideal whisky to use in a hot toddy or a cocktail, and The Wild Geese website lists a variety of recipe suggestions. During those winter months, settling in with a warm, spicy toddy sounds like the perfect way to keep out the cold.

The Wild Geese range has only recently launched in the UK, so you may not find it in your local drinks shop or supermarket yet. However, it is available online at The Drink Shop, where a 50cl bottle of Classic Blend retails at £19.79, and through a growing list of retailers, detailed on The Wild Geese website.

A Wild Whiskey Guide to Valentine’s Day

THE WILD GEESE® Irish Whiskey Collection presents a five-step guide to a perfect pairing this Valentine’s Day for lovers looking for a Valentine’s with a difference.

Having left their own sweethearts at home, THE WILD GEESE® Collection tells the story of courageous Irish soldiers forced to leave Ireland in 1691. While they were successful abroad, fighting circumstance and adversity they dreamt of returning home to their beloved Ireland. Inspired by this story, THE WILD GEESE® Collection has been designed with love in mind, no matter how far that love stretches.

THE WILD GEESE® Collection is comprised of four unique Irish whiskeys and an Irish Honey Liqueur, each offering something sweet this Valentine’s Day.

The brand new THE WILD GEESE® Irish Honey Liqueur will entice your new sweetheart with lifted aromas of honey and spice that expertly integrate to give a multi layered, complex palate and a long lasting finish. It’s made with the award winning THE WILD GEESE® Irish whiskey and blended with a 100% pure and natural honey from the green fields of Tipperary and Kilkenny. THE WILD GEESE® Irish Honey Liqueur works well as an alternative to the “Caipirinha” cocktail.

For the adventurous, looking to meet someone new, the subtle smooth and easy-going Classic Blend Irish Whiskey will help kick start the night. Its citrus notes mix well in cocktails like a bespoke Chilli & Chocolate Rusty Nail.

Like The Classic Blend, the Rare Irish Whiskey is smooth but with a much richer personality, perfect for sharing on those all important second and third dates. Tradition is at the heart of this whiskey making it an ideal tipple to get to know each other. The balanced nature of the Rare Irish makes it perfect in short cocktails, like an “Old Fashioned” or the scrumptious “Irish Kiss”.

For those looking to spend a cosy night in with that special someone, The Single Malt Irish Whiskey is recommended. It’s complex and has great depths to be explored over time. Hints of vanilla and peppery malt make this a romance to be nurtured.

Last, but never least, The Limited Edition Irish Whiskey is the perfect blind date. Sweet to start, with hints of marzipan that lead to sophisticated overtones of chocolate. This is masterfully made whiskey, blended with love and passion, making it a delicious ice breaker.

Cupid’s Cocktails


Chilli & Chocolate Rusty Nail

1 fresh chilli (mildly hot)
20ml chocolate liqueur
2 drops of chocolate bitters
25ml Drambuie
grated dark chocolate
orange zest


Mash the chilli in a rocks glass to release the flavours. Add the chocolate liqueur and chocolate bitters and mix.

Add the ice. stir. Add the Drambuie and THE WILD GEESE® whiskey and stir. Grate some dark chocolate and spray the orange zest. Garnish with a slab of chocolate and a chilli on top.


Irish Kiss

10ml Galliano
10ml Elderflower cordial
3 dashes peach bitters

Rinse a tumbler with Galliano and discard. Shake the remaining ingredients with ice and strain into the tumbler. Snap a lemon zest on top to garnish.



Lime & Honey

1 lime
Crushed ice

A great alternative to a Caipirinha. Cut the lime into wedges and muddle in the glass. Add crushed ice and pour in THE WILD GEESE® IRISH HONEY LIQUER.