Antico Mognano and The Wild Geese

In Sagnino, Northern Italy, just on the edge of the Swiss border lies Antico Mognano, a family run restaurant that offers rustic dishes in a relaxed setting at affordable prices. The cooking is mainly classic Mediterranean and it has a lovely range of spirits and beer collections, the restaurant has delighted locals as well as destination diners for many years. It’s an elegantly decorated restaurant that has a great balance of smartness with a sense of relaxed refinement.

Antico Mognano and The Wild Geese

Owned by the Vinci family, and headed up by Fernando Vinci and his two sons Davide and Giuseppe who are in charge of the front of house and its beverages. Giuseppe is the spirits specialist while Davide looks after the beer selections, which included some rare and well-crafted Belgian beers. Together the knowledgeable brothers have created an extended fine collection of spirits and beers that are well selected to ensure they match the style of the restaurant’s famous cuisine.

Antico Mognano and The Wild Geese

Known for its authentic Mediterranean flavours it prides itself on using carefully well-sourced seasonal ingredients to ensure that all the dishes arrive to the customers with the maximum freshness. Its famous fish dishes are a must try when you visit, masterfully cooked with beautiful tastes and the perfect balance of seasoning and textures.

From left: Andre Levy, Chairman of The Wild Geese Company, Giuseppe Vinci, master of spirit and Davide Vinci, master of beer.

From left: Andre Levy, Chairman of The Wild Geese Company, Giuseppe Vinci, master of spirit and Davide Vinci, master of beer.

Antico Mognano will not tolerate anything other than the finest premium spirit for their customers so naturally serve The Wild Geese Irish Whiskey, which has been voted three times best Irish whiskey. Both Giuseppe and Davide think the whiskey’s unique tasting profile fits well with the cuisine, finding the story of The Wild Geese inspiring. To top it off, the service provided is characterised by extreme professionalism, attention to detail, ensuring a silky smooth and enjoyable mealtime.

You can find THE WILD GEESE® IRISH WHISKEY in Antico Mognano

The Antico Mognano Restaurant and Pizzeria
Via Pio XI n.150
22100 Como (Sagnino)
Phone: 031 543413

The Wild Geese Single Malt Irish Whiskey Product Review in ‘Tasting Britain’

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In a Nutshell

Combines all the smoothness you come to expect from Irish whiskey with some memorable theatrics on the palette. It feels like something even the most jaded/seasoned whisky drinker will experience as different (and I’m neither jaded nor seasoned) As it is so very different to every other single malt I’ve tried up to this point, it might be an acquired taste. I’m not too keen on it (yet?). The taste is super distinctive and smooth as silk.

Irish distilling…still going strong

The Wild Geese Collection/Distillery are an Irish outfit that produce a number of spirits, many of which that have won awards. I’ve yet to try their rum, or their honey liqueur (not sure how I feel about honey liqueur – though Mead is TUFF). This single malt has been doing pretty well, winning Best Non-Age Irish Malt in the World Whisky Awards 2011 and 94 points from the Ultimate Beverage Challenge. They also produce some blended whiskies, at the time of writing, yet untried but promising if all the reviews are anything to go by. The Wild Geese is a reference to expatriate Irish soldiers and emigrants (exiled and otherwise) – who can be found all over the world today (the Irish are a bit like dust scattered to the wind – hell, even I am half Irish!). I think the original use of the term ‘The Wild Geese’ was to refer to a Jacobite army who left Ireland to fight in France, Spain, Italy and other parts of Europe in the late 1600s. I dunno if they did very well or not…

We Drink It, Stuff Happens

Nose: The nose is quite subtle, I have to almost bury my face right into this mofo to get a whiff of it – there’s not much alcohol coming off of the top. After doing so I get a bit of honey and menthol.

Palette: This is where stuff gets exciting. First comes a little bit of honey/sweetness and the all enveloping smoothness. Then cutting through this you get the peppery menthol, unlit tobacco and a STRONG flavour of papaya (I shit you not, it is certainly papaya). It almost tickles the front and sides of your tongue, leaving the tastebuds in the middle mostly intact. It is very easy to describe – entirely different from a Scotch – none of those characteristic caramel or hazelnut flavours here.

Finish: Once the flavours have emerged, the sweetness fades a little and you’re left mainly with the papaya and menthol sitting on the sides of your tongue. These linger… the finish is nice ‘n long – as a whiskey this well commended should be should be.


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Winter cocktails created for The Wild Geese rums and whiskeys

The-Wild-Geese-Winter-Cocktails-Rum-Mai-Tai-Whiskey-Sazerac-702x336 (1)

A range of cocktails has been created to brighten up the winter months by bartender Stav B using The Wild Geese Irish whiskeys and Caribbean rums.

She has set out to put an authentic twist on a series of classic serves, using ingredients such as fruity plum bitters and earthy nutmeg as well as rich dark chocolate to create an intense cocoa-flavoured whiskey cocktail.

Stav is brand ambassador for The Wild Geese alongside running pop-up Stav B’s Liquor Bar around London.

The Wild Geese Irish whiskeys range from a classic blend to a single malt while the rums, which come from the Caribbean, include a golden rum, a spiced rum and a premium rum aged for up to eight years.

Pictured above are the Vintage Mai Tai with rum and the Whiskey Sazerac.

Vintage Mai Tai
50ml The Wild Geese Golden Rum
25ml Lime juice
25ml Falernum
2 drops of grapefruit bitters
Shake all the ingredients together with ice and empty in a tumbler and garnish with the cherry.

50ml The Wild Geese Premium Rum
25ml Grand Marnier
5ml Maple syrup
25ml Port
Mix all the ingredients together with ice in a shaker and double-strain in a pewter glass to maintain its coolness. Grate nutmeg on top to finish. It is pictured below.

The Wild Geese Rum Sangaree

Cardamom Daiquiri
50ml The Wild Geese Golden Rum
10 cardamom seeds
25ml Lime juice
25ml Homemade cardamom syrup
Smash the seeds in the boston glass. Add all the ingredients and shake rigorously to chill the mix. Double-strain in a small martini glass and garnish with three cardamom seeds.

Whiskey Sazerac
50ml The Wild Geese Single Malt Irish Whiskey
25ml Absinthe
2 drops of one sugar cube
Peychaud’s bitters
10ml Cognac
You will need two glasses: one glass with ice and the absinthe (or any pastis), the other one to prepare the actual drink. In the second glass, add bitters and sugar cube then mix with a little water. Melt the sugar as much as possible so that you have a clear liquid blended with bitters. Add ice, stir then add the whiskey. Stir again, then add the cognac, and stir. With your first glass, discard the absinthe and ice. Double-strain the mixture from your second glass into it. Garnish with a lemon peel.

Plum Old Fashioned
50ml Plum-infused The Wild Geese Rare Irish Whiskey
10ml Plum liqueur
1 cube of sugar
2 drops of plum bitters
Infuse the whiskey with fresh plums and leave for 48 hours. In a glass, add bitters, a sugar cube and a little water and stir well to melt the sugar as much as possible. Add the ice, stir again then add the plum whiskey. Stir again. Finish with orange zest sprayed all over the mix and the rim of the glass. It is pictured below.

The Wild Geese Whiskey Plum Old Fashioned

Chilli and Chocolate Rusty Nail
25ml The Wild Geese Classic Blend Whiskey
1 fresh chilli (mildly hot)
20ml Chocolate liqueur
2 drops of chocolate bitters
25ml Drambuie
Mash the chilli in a rocks glass to release the flavours. Add the liqueur, bitters and mix. Add the ice. Stir. Add the Drambuie and the whiskey and stir. Grate some dark chocolate and spray the orange zest and garnish with a slab of chocolate and a chilli on top.

The Wild Geese brand ambassador Stav B

Bring The Wild Geese Home Competition – Featured in the Sunday World

Irish emigrant Niall Byrne has landed a surprise pre-christmas gift – an all expenses paid trip home from Canada to see his family.
Niall was one of the lucky winers of the Sunday World’s bring The Wild Geese home competition, run in association with The Wild Geese Irish Whiskey.

It had been a year since Niall last saw his family in Moylough, Co. Galway, and he was unaware that his mother Chris had entered him in the contest.
“We’re delighted to have him home” Chris told the Sunday World, ” His Grandmother is 92 and she just loves to see him, so this is a real treat for her as well.”

Niall and his girlfriend Fiona, who is also from Galway, are among a large number of Irish emigrants in Canada, USA, UK and Australia, who have won a pair of return flights home.

Entrants in The Wild Geese Irish Whiskey competition were asked to complete, in 25 words or less, why they would like to toast Christmas in Ireland with a glass of Wild Geese. “I’d like to thank Wild Geese and the Sunday World for making this dream come true for us.” Chris said.

Niall and Fiona, who live in Vancouver, were presented with a specially engraved bottle of Limited Edition Wild Geese Single Malt Irish Whiskey by Wild Geese representative Carl Gibney upon their arrival in Dublin.


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Christmas cocktails: Chilli & Chocolate Rusty Nail

Here’s one for those who like a bit of heat in their glass. And we don’t mean the fire that comes from a flame. This warming whiskey (yes, that ‘e’ is intended – we’re talking Irish here) marries chocolate and chillies to great effect. Just be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after handling those chillies…


25ml The Wild Geese Classic Blend Whiskey
1 fresh chilli (mildly hot)
20ml chocolate liqueur
2 drops of chocolate bitters
25ml Drambuie
grated chocolate, orange zest and chilli to garnish


Muddle the chilli in a rocks glass to release the flavours. Add the liqueur, bitters and mix. Add the ice and stir. Add the Drambuie and the whiskey and stir all ingredients together. To garnish, grate some dark chocolate over the top of the drink, spritz with the orange zest and finish with a piece of chocolate and a chilli on top.

When Irish whiskey is smoking

James Leavey is an important name in the media industry. As a freelance writer and journalist, his famous comical style has been found in the pages of over 100 publications, including the Independent, the Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mirror, the Daily Express and the Sunday Express. He has also appeared on BBC Radio Four, BBC 2 and Channel 4.

He knows his stuff when it comes to whiskey, having contributed to Whisky Magazine and SquareMeal. James has also featured in several BBC documentaries on the subject of smoking, so he’s the ideal candidate to guest blog about pairing The Wild Geese Single Malt with the perfect cigar. Over to you James!

First, you have to remember The Wild Geese Single Malt is an award-winning, non-aged Irish whiskey. It has a slightly closed nose that is more than made up for by its smooth creamy full flavour and slightly peppery/gingery after-taste. There’s lots going on to keep your taste buds and nose occupied for a while.

When I first tried it, I was very pleasantly amazed. An Irish single malt of remarkable quality!

Jaysus! Thought I’d died and gone to heaven.

Like the best things in life such as a beautiful vivacious Irish colleen who has suddenly decided to Help The Aged Writer With a Shag (in your dreams, Mr Leavey), it creeps up on you.

If you feel able to accept that remarkably kind invitation to play hide the sausage, may I suggest you don’t go overpowering the lady or this fine Irish whiskey with a full-on Havana or non-Cuban cigar.

Gently does it is the name of the game.

Especially if you, like me, are swiftly heading towards 70 in a feckin’ hand-cart.

The most important thing is to smoke a premium hand-rolled cigar whose character will be enhanced by a flirtation with this fine Single Malt. So throw those cigarettes and cheap cheroots in the bin where they belong, why don’t you, along with that cheap bathtub hooch. You should have done that years ago.

Life’s too short to drink crap booze and puff on additive-ridden third-rate tobacco. Never pour high from a low bottle. Smoke less, smoke better.

Now, back to the basics: a full-bodied cigar would, in my opinion, overwhelm this Single Malt. Equally, you don’t want to smoke a light tube of premium tobacco which could not stand up to this drop of Irish heaven.

That said, a light Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No.2 – one of my favourite cigars – would cope well with that first date, if you didn’t push it. But then I’d smoke an Epi 2 with a cup of builder’s tea from Bewley’s.

Hmm…so what would work best with the The Wild Geese Single Malt, cigar-wise?

A Rafael Gonzales Lonsdale with its slightly honeyed after-taste would be an interesting pairing. As would a medium-bodied Romeo y Julieta, light to medium H. Upmann, Petit Punch (another medium Havana) or maybe a Punch Punch, Trinidad Reyes and light to medium El Rey del Mondo. And then there’s the La Gloria Cubana with its nicely-balanced nuances of taste and aroma.

The Single Malt would also go very well with many of the Dominican brands, especially Davidoff’s superb Avo Ulvezian, Zino Platinum, The Griffin’s, some of the Dunhill range, and the Arturo Fuente brand (especially the Grand Reserva No.2).

I could go on and on, drawing on fond memories of the lovely cigars I have tasted over the years, and the fact that I have a glass of the Single Malt from which I’m sipping while writing this.

The truth is, you need to talk to your favourite cigar supplier – the one who has the knowledge of what is currently smoking well (if in doubt, send smoke signals to C.Gars Ltd, The Decent Cigar Emporium in Dublin, or Davidoff of London, for their knowledge of fine cigars and drink is second to none).

You may question my gut feeling that The Wild Geese Single Malt would be best paired with an exceptional light, or light to medium cigar. But don’t take my word for it. See what happens when you inhale a full-bodied smoke such as a Bolivar or, one of my favourites, a Partagas Serie D No.4, after a sip of this Irish whiskey. You may like it.

If the worst comes to the worst, you’ve still got the rest of the bottle to finish. And you can smoke your favourite cigars whenever you wish – at home, anyway – with or without the partnering of a great whiskey.

Merry Christmas.

You can visit James Leavey’s blog here.



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The Wild Geese – Available on The Whisky Exchange

This cute set is the perfect gift for any whiskey connoisseur, it allows you to sample a variety of The Wild Geese products before splurging on a bigger bottle. It’s also a great stocking filler.

The Single Malt whiskey has a oaky taste but with a slight sweet hint of vanilla which satisfied my sweet tooth. The Rare Irish whiskey again has an oaky aroma but instead with a hint of citrus. The Wild Geese Limited Edition Fourth Centennial (middle) has a slight spicy taste to it but with a hint of marzipan and chocolate making it my favourite of the four.

The Classic Blend (far right) is crisp and again with a sweet taste. It is distilled in County Louth, Ireland, where I actually took a trip to a few years ago. I would love to return to sample more!

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The Wild Geese Whiskey Collection

If you know someone who enjoys whiskey then this gift set might be just what you’re looking for. The Wild Geese Whiskey is new to the UK and has been voted ‘Best Irish Whiskey’. There are 3 different flavours, Rare Irish, Single Malt and Limited Edition – each bottle contains a different blend for the recipient to enjoy. Available nationwide.