Wild Geese Support Irish Businesses


When The Wild Geese left Ireland in 1691, they believed they were securing the freedom of the country. They held their heads high as they boarded ships at Limerick having chosen exile for the good of their people.

Inspired by their courage and commitment to Ireland, we are contributing to Donegal’s Back To Work Enterprise Allowance Scheme. In tough economic times, it’s important to display the same camaraderie as Patrick Sarsfield and his followers.

Named ‘The Wild Geese Enterprise Award’ this scheme will help generate local business and help to revitalise the local economy. The Wild Geese Company Chairman, Mr. Andre Levy explains:

‘The Wild Geese Irish Whiskey celebrates the courage and determination of the Irish people when faced with adversity, and their successes and achievements. It’s important that we also celebrate and encourage local individuals in Ireland who have fought through hardship to succeed. Schemes such as The Back To Work Enterprise Allowance in Donegal, where unemployment has been a major problem, offer the support and advice needed to allow individuals to forge their own path in business in Ireland rather than overseas’

The CEO of the Donegal Local Development Company Ltd, Dr Caoimhím Mac Aoidh, adds:

‘DLDC is delighted to accept this considerable and most generous sponsorship support from The Wild Geese Irish Whiskey. We recognise their sponsorship of The Wild Geese Enterprise Award is acknowledgement and admiration for the participants of the Back To Work Enterprise Allowance Scheme who have shown great courage and tenacity in setting up their businesses in such challenging times. Our partnership with The Wild Geese in this instance is an excellent one as that company has similarly proven to have great business acumen in developing their company and product range’

The first Wild Geese Enterprise Award will be presented in early 2014.
Find out more about the Back To Work Enterprise Allowance Scheme here: http://www.dldc.org/sip_business_startup.html 

Wild Geese To Be Honoured At Tip O’Neill Award 2013

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We’re very proud to be returning to the Tip O’Neill Award as sponsors.

The award has been established to commemorate the life and achievements of US Speaker Tip O’Neill and celebrate the achievements of members of the diaspora who exceed expectations in the their chosen field. Much like Tip O’Neill did.

O’Neill fought for the Irish diaspora in the United States, by encouraging migration to the country, where Irish people could enjoy the same opportunities that he had experienced – to be the best that you can be. He served as Speaker of the US House of Representatives for ten years.
This year’s recipient is Brian Schweitzer, who served as Governor of Montana in the USA from 2005 – 2013. He is being recognised for his work in this role. As Governor, Me Schweitzer holds one of the highest approval ratings in US politics.
This Award proves that Wild Geese are still making an impact in all corners of the world and we’re very happy to be a part of this gathering. The Governor will be presented with a bottle of The Wild Geese Irish Whiskey.