The Wild Geese Search for The Ultimate Cafe Creme

The Wild Geese Irish Whiskey Collection launched our first cocktail competition on Monday 12th November!

We invited a selection of London’s top bartenders to The Royal Exchange in London to create the Ultimate Cafe Creme. We had a great turn out with 9 highly skilled barmen from the Square Mile of London. They all brought with them fresh ideas and we loved seeing them engage with the brand so passionately.

To give them some Irish courage, we provided the participants with a sample of each of our multi award winning Irish Whiskeys – the Classic Blend, the Rare Irish, the Limited Edition and the superb Single Malt.

There was a consensus around the room that each whiskey had its own distinct personality, but did share some characteristics: a richer, rounder, smoother flavour. It was exciting to present an independent Irish whiskey.

Each participant then came forward and presented their ideas to a warm crowd that enjoyed hearing different takes on the recipe.

Huge thanks go to all our participants, but specifically to the panel of judges who chose the winning recipes:

  • Neil Davey representing Square Mile Magazine
  • Louise Corbin from
  • Martin Bell who has been working with the brand during its UK launch

Our fabulous judges decided the winner based on taste, presentation and replicability.

The Winning Cocktail came from Tim from Hawksmoor:

35ml The Wild Geese Classic Blend
15ml Clove Chocolate Bittet Syrup
Double shot Climpsons Irish Coffee
Cream shaken with 2 dashes Angostura Bitter
1 dash Maraschino

Add The Wild Geese Classic Blend, clove syrup, coffee and a dash of hot water (20ml) all poured into a milk pitcher and gently heated with a steam wand from the coffee machine, until the pitcher had become too hot to hold.

Then pour the contents into a warm glass. Top with cream shaken with 2 dashes Angostura bitters and 1 dash Maraschino. Enjoy!

Tim showed his extensive knowledge in his presentation. His Ultimate Cafe Creme was a beautiful recipe in its simplicity. His mixture let the flavours do the talking, and complimented our Classic Blend perfectly. Proving that our whiskey is versatile and very engaging.

Here are some of the other participants – each brought a really special spin to the competition!

Thank you to all our competitors and The Royal Exchange for providing the venue.

Extra special thanks go to the judges and Square Mile magazine and The Drink Shop for helping run the competition.