The Wild Geese Irish Whiskey in Singapore 17-19 March

The Wild Geese Irish Whiskey Collection was mingling in Singapore over the St. Patrick’s Day weekend, bringing the ‘taste of home’ to crowds at a chain of Indochine bars. The weekend was a massive success and seeing people over 6000 miles away enjoying the Collection put smile on everyone in the London office. 
Indochine is a string of venues which are a ‘unique reflection of contemporary Asian lifestyle’. The Wild Geese promotions girls were out in force in the ‘packed and very busy’ Cocoon Bar.

‘With each new generation, there is a new legacy. Raise your glass, remember them’ 

A thumbs up is always a very good sign. 

This was the start of a Wild weekend.

The Wild Geese Irish Whiskey is building momentum in Singapore and its magnificent to see people enjoying the product. 

IndoChine’s contemporary environment is perfect for The Wild Geese.