‘Clean, smooth, summery and rich’ – James Leavey Tries The Wild Geese

‘Clean, smooth, subtle, summery, rich, well balanced and body this is whiskey’s equivalent to Elle Macpherson’

You guessed it – our multi award winning Single Malt according to James Leavey.

James Leavey is an important name in the media industry. As a freelance writer and journalist, his famous comical style has been found in the pages of many British newspapers, including the Independent, the Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mirror, the Daily Express and the Sunday Express. He has also appeared on BBC Radio Four, BBC 2 and Channel 4.

Last month he met The Wild Geese Collection and sparked a beautiful relationship.


The Classic Blend
‘The first bottle I tried was the Classic Blend, which lived up to its name. It was sweet and light and delicate and not over-honeyed, somewhat like lying in a field of wild flowers and clover on a hot summer’s day, enjoying the heady scent and listening to the bees’



The Rare Irish

‘Then I gave the Rare Irish a twirl round my tonsils and it was so smooth and perfectly balanced, with a touch of citrus and the teeniest taste of honey and lasted so long and so lovely, I almost died with delight. It was a beautiful rare whiskey, indeed, and worth waiting a lifetime for’





The Single Malt

‘Clean, smooth, subtle, summery, rich, well balanced and a body that is whiskey’s equivalent to Elle Macpherson’





The Limited Edition
‘Finally came the turn of the Limited Edition, which like its three siblings was one of the nicest and most perfectly balanced Irish whiskeys I have ever tasted, but, like them, with is own distinct character. Smooth, sweet then spicy, light and stunning’


We’re thrilled that James liked the Collection so much, and hope that he continues to enjoy The Wild Geese.

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